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      Shenzhen Chonghui surface Technology Development Co., LTD. Was established in 2000. After 20 years of development, has now become a set research and development, production, electroplating in the integration of large-scale comprehensive group corporation, shenzhen chung fai surface technology development co., LTD., three long science and technology (shenzhen) co., LTD., jiangxi letter feng tang hui technology co., LTD., shenzhen core umc co., LTD., as well as Jiang Xirong shang technology co., LTD.



      The company covers a total area of 68,000 square meters and the factory floor area is 45,000 square meters. There are more than 800 employees, including more than 20 engineering research and development personnel, more than 30 senior management personnel, more than 50 senior technical personnel, quality inspectors and other more than 100 people, the processing products have passed the SGS certification ISO9001 2015, IATF16949:2016 and the surrounding certification GB/T24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015, fully in line with RoHS instructions and related environmental requirements.

    Chong Hui has an independent legal person, general taxpayer and foreign trade processing management rights. Main business projects: LED SMD bracket series electroplating industry leading position, triode, IC series electroplating (and stamping) processing, diamond electroplating production line; Ceramic electroplating series; Manufacturing of electroplating equipment; Chemical bath formula research, etc.
   It has 55 continuous electroplating production lines, 20 high-speed precision punching machines, 4 CMI thickness gauges, 4 Nissan VSR-400 brightening meters, 5 high-precision instruments, image depth detectors and reflectivity testers.
    The company always attaches importance to quality management and pursues "satisfied customers", and operates in strict accordance with IS09001:2015 quality management system standard.
   The company adheres to the core values of "win-win with partners, leading the development of the industry, serving and rewarding the society", featuring high efficiency, low cost and quality first; Enthusiasm, integrity, customer first, to the "best quality". Aiming at "best service and best price", it has become a leader in electroplating industry.
    The company will continue to adhere to the high-tech development strategy, with leading products and technologies, stable quality and quality, for the future of excellent operation and service!