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1、The average employee will work overtime on weekends after 22 days of monthly work, and work 11 hours every day, including 3 hours of overtime, and the overtime fee will be calculated at 18.96 yuan /H. In addition, the performance award is 500 yuan and the overtime award is 50 yuan/month, and the monthly comprehensive take-home pay is 5000 ~ 5500 yuan/month.

2、The company will buy insurance (pension, unemployment, industrial injury, birth and medical treatment) within three days after the new employee starts work. The company provides accommodation, meals and fixed meals, accommodation for 4 ~ 6 people/room, with air-conditioning, water heater and independent toilet.

3、The company will give out red packets or gifts to employees during holidays. Let the staff better enjoy the joy of the holiday and the atmosphere of the holiday, especially invite you to join, welcome you!