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Talent and training
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1. Provide free accommodation with living facilities such as bed, writing desk, chair, water heater and air conditioner. The housing standard is 4 people / room;
2. The company has a canteen;
3. The company has courts, libraries, multi-functional training rooms, etc;
4. Pay insurance for employees according to national regulations, pay commercial insurance according to the specific situation of the company, and organize employees' physical examination every year;
5. Holiday subsidies will be granted on holidays such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid Autumn Festival. In addition, birthday cards and other related welfare items will be provided;
6. Provide special team building expenses, provide paid holidays, and organize large-scale annual meetings every year;
7. Regularly organize tourism and internal and external training and promotion opportunities;
8. There is a perfect training mechanism for college students;
9. Promotion route: dry storage → assistant engineer → Engineer → senior engineer → supervisor → manager → director;
10. Ordinary employees work 22 days a month and work overtime on weekends, ranging from 8 to 10 hours a day, and more than 8 hours are overtime; work overtime
The salary is calculated according to the labor law, including 1:1.5 times for overtime at ordinary times, 1:2 times for weekends and 1:3 times for statutory; Another performance award of 500 yuan and
The extra attendance award is 50 yuan / month, and the monthly comprehensive take home salary is 5500 ~ 6500 yuan / month.
11. On holidays, the company will give red envelopes or gifts to employees. Let employees better enjoy the joy of holidays
And the flavor of the festival, we invite you to join us and welcome you!