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Formulation and Manufacturing Method of Electroplating Solution for Metal Plating

Published on: 2017/05/27

The electroplating solution for the production of iron-nickel-molybdenum soft magnetic alloy foil has the advantages of less environmental hazard, stable process, simple composition and easy operation, and can be stored for a long time after preparation. The Fe-Ni-Mo alloy foil with a thickness of 5-100 micron and an arbitrary length and width can be obtained by this plating process. The alloy foil is an excellent soft magnetic material with better comprehensive properties than molybdenum permalloy powder core (MPP), and its cost is much lower than that of molybdenum permalloy powder core (MPP). It has excellent temperature stability and can be applied to high quality factor Q filters, induction load coils and resonant electronics below 300 kHz. The circuit is used in LC circuit which requires high temperature stability, output inductance, power factor compensation circuit, etc.

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