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Umc group express | | = core materials research and development of integrated circuits manufacturing project start ceremony of June
The R&D and manufacturing project of SMIC integrated circuit materials was settled in Jiangmen High-tech Industrial Development Zone in October 2021, and the main construction body is SMIC Semiconduct
To meet customer demand, Chonghui Etching field, Etching smooth production
Chung hui introduced etching lead frame technology, in order to better cooperate with the customer diversification of the product type and product research and development to the problem of high cost, etching lead frame, cooperate with the customers products small size, high density, high precision products, the use of foreign advanced cleaning/sticker/exposure/etching equipment, stable performance of the equipment are high, to produce a product size precision is high. At the same time, these equipment in the industry's top companies have more than 10 years of successful operation experience.
Jiangmen yamen town government leaders and electroplating base responsible person visited the company
Leaders at all levels of Yamen Town, Jiangmen City visited Shenzhen CHONGHUI Surface Technology Development Co., Ltd

Tan Sheng, Secretary of Yanmen Town Committee

2. Lianqingming, mayor of Yamen tow
Osram and China porcelain to our technical cooperation and exchange
On June 13, 2019, osram has a team composed of 3 people (1 person from Malaysia, 1 person from India and 1 person from wuxi, China), procurement, quality and engineering personnel. China porcelain 4 +
Yu lijun, deputy mayor of dongguan municipal people's government and leaders at all levels of dongguan visited chonghui to guide the work
On May 7, 2019, vice mayor yu lijun of dongguan municipal government and leaders at all levels of dongguan visited chonghui to guide the work.
Deputy mayor of dongguan municipal people's government
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