Welfare and Institution

1. Provide free accommodation with living facilities such as beds, writing desks, chairs, water heaters, air conditioning, etc. The housing standard is 4 people per room;
2. The company has a cafeteria;
3. The company has stadiums, libraries, multifunctional training rooms, etc;
4. Pay insurance for employees in accordance with national regulations, and pay commercial insurance according to the specific situation of the company, and organize annual health examinations for employees;
5. Provide holiday subsidies for holidays such as the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid Autumn Festival, as well as birthday cards and other related welfare programs;
6. Provide special team building expenses, provide paid holidays, and organize large-scale annual meetings every year;
7. Regular organization of tourism and opportunities for internal and external training and promotion;
8. Having a sound mechanism for cultivating college students;
9. Promotion route: Storage Manager → Assistant Engineer → Engineer → Senior Engineer → Supervisor → Manager → Director;
10. Ordinary employees who work 22 days a month are counted as weekend overtime, ranging from 8 to 10 hours per day, with overtime exceeding 8 hours; work overtime
The fee is calculated according to the labor law, with overtime of 1:1.5 times on weekdays, 1:2 times on weekends, and 1:3 times by law; Additionally, a performance award of 500 yuan and
The overtime bonus is 50 yuan/month, and the monthly comprehensive actual salary is 5500-6500 yuan/month.
11. During holidays, the company will distribute red envelopes or gifts to employees. Enable employees to better enjoy the joy of holidays
With the festive atmosphere, we invite you to join and welcome you!